Alvita Colored Native Umbrella Basket
Alvita Colored Native Umbrella Basket


Alvita Colored Native Umbrella Basket

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Introducing the Umbrella Native Basket - a stylish and practical way to store your items in style! Made from long, slim Abaca strands that are dyed in a subtle color pattern, this basket has a relaxed, rustic feel. Perfect for stashing away items around the house, it's an eye-catching accessory that adds a unique touch to any room. It's also been crafted to last, with sturdy construction that ensures items stay safe and secure. Get ready to add a bit of character to your home with the Umbrella Native Basket.

Source: Albay
Material: Acero/Abaca

Dimensions: 9 inches width, 6 inches bottom, 19 inches height. 4 inches bag to handle strap