Reymert "Merto" Villasis, is an artist from Tagaytay City. He had formal training and education in Graphic Arts and Printing Technology at Rogationist College, Silang and obtained his Visual Graphic Design NC3 in the same year.
He dabbled into editorial cartooning during university life and created artworks and portraits to get him through and pay his college tuition fees.
For Merto, art chooses no medium and channel. He expresses his creativity in whatever opportunity comes. Shortly after graduation, he worked as a layout artist for a printing press. He then discovered tattoo art and pursued this alongside his painting and mural commissions.
Currently, Merto focuses on portraits, and he continues to learn new painting techniques and styles by studying the works of Filipino masters.
He takes a special interest in texture and abstract Impressionism, using these to discover new approaches to his art. Metro hopes that his continuous learning can pave the way for a more thriving creative life.

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