Katha Pilipinas’ goal is to have a positive community impact by providing a platform to artists and artisans to sustain their livelihood and hone their craft, while using these curated and handcrafted works to fund our social action programs such as meal distributions, donation drives, sponsored scholars, and disaster relief efforts.
Our three pillars are: Arts Management, Retail Marketing, and Social Action. Through these three principles, we are able to create a a formidable initiative where creatives thrive, and consumers value the business of the arts. As you take pleasure in the skilfully made products, we hope to use this platform to tackle and augment the socio-economic gaps, and hopefully create a more conscious awareness of issues and participate in being part of the solution as a community.
Let's thrive together!


  • Meal Pack Distribution
    • Our meal pack distribution program provides food and basic necessities to members of the community who are struggling to make ends meet. Through this program, we aim to alleviate hunger and promote well-being for all.
  • Working with weaving communities and other marginalized sectors to provide livelihood
    • Through partnerships with weaving communities and other marginalized sectors, we provide livelihood opportunities that empower people and help them achieve economic stability. By supporting these communities, we promote inclusive growth and sustainable development.
  • Katha Community Impact Fund
    • At Katha Pilipinas, we believe in the power of community. That's why we created our Community Impact Fund - to support initiatives that need help the most, and the most urgently.
    • Every purchase you make helps make a difference. We allot 5% of sales to this fund, so you can shop with purpose. Let’s make sure that no one is ever left behind. Together, let's create a brighter future for everyone.
For regular updates on our food distribution program, head to our Instagram page @kathapilipinas


  • Creative Leadership
    • Leadership isn't just about having great ideas - it's about inspiring others to share your vision. We believe that everyone has the potential to be a creative leader.
  • Collaboration
    • Collaboration is the key to unlocking creativity. By working together, we can create a supportive environment where new ideas can flourish.
  • Community Building
    • At Katha Pilipinas, our goal is to bring people together to build stronger, more vibrant communities. We believe that through the power of creativity and collaboration, anything is possible. Through our various projects and programs, we aim to empower communities and individuals by providing access to creative resources and opportunities.



Daianne Moreno-Mempin, an arts manager and social entrepreneur, is a graduate of Assumption Antipolo and the University of Asia and the Pacific with a background in Humanities and Political Economy. In university, she was awarded with a full scholarship grant by the Institute of International Education, New York. 
Her decade long corporate career ranges from broadcasting, media, research and telecommunications. She has had extensive training and experience on negotiations and asset portfolio management, and was nominated as Corenet Global's Young Leader of the Year in 2016.
As an artist, she is a true performer. Daianne is a trained singer and dancer, and she has been immersed in theater all throughout her academic and professional life, with productions like Ateneo de Manila Dulaang Sibol’s Sinta, and ACASIA’s Kapeng Barako Club: Samahan ng mga Bitter, to name a few of her more notable acting performances. Since then, she has been active on stage, film and television, finding channels to pursue her passion for acting.
These two disciplines have led to her to discover the path of Arts Management, and became the Managing Director of Arts and Culture Asia in 2013. Not only was she and her team able to stage a four year-long production, there she equipped partner theater makers by conducting trainings and seminars such as in financial management, acting, and other skills that will not only help them become masters of their crafts, but also provide them with tools that will allow them to continue their passion for theater while working. 
In 2016, she established Kathâ Pilipinas. Her vision was to curate locally made arts and crafts, and provide a platform to showcase their works, at a time when there was little exposure to budding independent and young creatives on social media platforms.
Moving on to 2020 up to now, it has evolved into a creative social enterprise, and found its true mission: to create a platform that empowers the artist-entrepreneur, using the power of creativity to influence and creating a positive social impact in our community by bridging gaps to the less privileged.
Her creative influences started from her grandmother’s art collection from all over the world ranging from fashion, handcrafted dolls, to indigenous bracelets, to hand-painted textiles, most of these are reflected on her curation. It was then nurtured through her education, her exposure to local and global music, visual and performing arts.
Her business acumen is deeply founded on her rigorous corporate experience with the top telecommunications company in the Philippines, a fast-paced industry that builds the leaders of today’s tech industries.
Lastly, Daianne's passion for social change is anchored on the values instilled by her family, education, and socio-civic action as a student leader--- continuously thriving in diverse communities and advocacies. This mission continues on through Katha, which is by all means and measures her own creative contribution to the arts, and Daianne hopes to create a radiant ripple of consciousness among partner artists and consumers.