DAIANNE MORENO-MEMPIN- Arts Manager & Creative Social Entrepreneur
After ten years of being in corporate and through my lifelong passion for the arts, both careers helped me realise that in order to see actual change, one needs to start small. A simple change in perspective, a small act, a change that creates a ripple effect with the people around us.
From 2013-2016, I was part of Arts and Culture Asia, a theatre arts organisation with the aim to eradicate the notion of the starving artist and cultivate thriving artists through sustainable theatre productions and continuing education. We casted theatre actors who juggle both work and/or business and the performing arts, with the hope to empower them will skills and experience for them to continue their passion for performing. We conducted trainings and seminars such as financial management, acting workshops to further hone their craft and sustain their livelihood.
In 2016, I established Kathâ Pilipinas, the vision was to curate locally made arts and crafts, and it has eventually evolved into finding it's true mission: to create a platform that empowers the artist-entrepreneur and creating a positive social impact in our community by bridging gaps to the less privileged. Moving on to 2020 up to now, it has evolved into a creative social enterprise that I'm proud to say was born out of my personal mission.
Art’s purpose is not self-expression alone, art produced inspires, sparks conversation, educates, and reflects the human experience that are all integral in creating a community of like minds and values.
I am a proud curator of Filipino arts & crafts committed to community building.


Katha Pilipinas’ goal is to have a positive community impact by providing a platform to artists and artisans to sustain their livelihood and hone their craft, while using these curated and handcrafted works to support our regular food distribution program for the displaced, disadvantaged, and homeless in Metro Manila. For every item purchased here, we match it with one meal pack, from you to our beneficiaries.
Empowering the Filipino artist-entrepreneur and giving back to the disadvantaged through their works.
Let's thrive together!


For every purchase here at Kathâ, we donate one (1) meal pack to displaced workers and the disadvantaged in Metro Manila during our monthly food distribution. 


Proceeds of all crochet items and pet art go to the dogs of the Mandaluyong Animal Shelter- an animal control facility with volunteers who help rehabilitate impounded dogs and find them adopters before they get euthanised.


For regular updates on our food distribution program, head to our Intstagram page @kathapilipinas